Thursday, 12 September 2013

Kauri Coast Rest Home

Today we returned to the rest home to present our writing to the elderly people who we had the privilege of interviewing at the end of term 2. All of the students got up and read their piece to the whole class. There were some very touching stories and all of the elderly and staff who were there were very impressed with how well the kids wrote and how well they spoke. We were lucky enough to be given morning tea after all of our stories were presented. Unfortunately two of our elderly people that were part of our writing
have passed away so I would like to dedicate this to the memory of them. Joy Keightly and Aubrey Aitken- it made this experience all the more special for the children who were lucky enough to find out about their lives before they passed away. A huge thanks to Lorraine and all of the elderly people who were kind enough to let us come and visit and give us some really interesting things to write about. Thanks so much from myself and all of the Room 4 children. 

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