Thursday, 20 June 2013

The  Shipwreck

Nerves swallow me. I take a deep breath hoping it won't  be my last.  The water is dark and murky. I don’t see anything other than coral. I hold  onto a rope  connecting the buoy to the ship.
I pull myself down on it .
I see a metal pole sticking up. I get closer. I see that it is a pipe . Details flood in. I see that many years ago that pipe would have puffed steam .
Mangled upon  the seaweed lies a ship .
Battered in amongst the rocks,
it lies waiting to be discovered .
I swim in closer. The door, eaten by seaweed, swings open in the current.
I have not got much time left. I kick as hard as I
can. I swim in further.The millions of tiny  fish flee to the other side of the boat as I swim closer and closer to them.
I reach the door to the cabin. I reach for the door. It ‘s
rusted closed. I yank on it, running  out of breath.
I push the window out. I squeeze into the tiny gap.
I have little time. I pull out a small draw in a desk
of the captains cabin and grab a small box. I swim to the surface.
I get to the surface and pull myself into the boat.
I dry off and move to the cabin of my boat.

The box has a lock,  but It opens slowly. It’s filled
with sand and water. Inside lies a silver chain with a locket
at the end of it. I open it slowly my hands shake with anticipation.
The picture is of a lady. That must be the captains treasure.
By Meg Bradley

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