Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hide and Seek - Inspired by Vernon Scannell. Written by Cooper House

Go Home Stay Home
The ground of the ditch was freezing.
I used  the waves thundering down on the beach to my advantage.
Crawling along the ditch trying to get closer to home,
I could feel the little eyes of the possums watching me.
Then suddenly, their line of sight changed to the left. So did mine.
That’s when I saw the light of a torch, coming closer and closer.
I made the decision to run for home. 
As I sprinted I could hear footsteps right behind me and  a torch-light
appeared beside me then. 
The light fell on me, but it was too late,
I had made it home.
Written by Cooper House
Inspired by Vernon Scannell

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  1. Shot mrs Takulua :)xxx! Room 4z amazing:)


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