Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dad Written by Kaija Pirini 20/6/13


My dad is pretty tall. He has black hair and hates greys. He is quite tanned and has eyes as green as a granny smith apple.

He has long muscly arms with tattoos.
His teeth are pretty white and normally he wears basketball shorts, a t-shirt and a heavy jacket.

He has a funny laugh and quite a deep voice. 

He likes to play around with us kids- especially the babies.
He doesn't like pets because they malt too much.
He loves cars;every magazine he has is about hot rods.

He loves watching rugby and if you're in the way he will yell. 

He doesn't mind if you're in the way when the news is on, but when rugby is on you better watch out.
He loves to cook, especially recipes that have been passed through the family.
One thing he hates is a mess; he will immediately clean it up.

Normally he is down stairs working on his car, but when he's not he's outside spending time with us. 

That's why we love our dad.

Written by Kaija Pirini

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